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About IllinoisElections.Org

What is this site?

This site is an attempt to provide the residents of Illinois with an opportunity to better understand their representatives in state government through the scope of the electoral process. We are testing several tools that let our visitors view campaign finance information in new and interesting ways.

New Technologies

Google Maps API: The Maps on this site overlay campaign contribution data onto Google Maps using the Google Maps API. You can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, and identify markers just like you would with a normal Google map.

Google Search API: The Search Page on this site uses the Google Search API, with a custom search engine. Just enter your search terms in the search box, and you will be presented with tabbed results from the Web, News, Blogs, YouTube, and a specially-designed search of "Illinois Sites". This new search will let you find out about a candidate or elected official better than a standard search would. Plus, you can clip search results to save - click on the "clip this" button on the search result you want to save, and the result will be copied to a "Clips" list on the right-hand side.